Plugin “Google App Engine” in eclipse 4.2(juno) using “jre7”

Step1: Open eclipse juno.

eclipse juno

Goto Window → Preferences.

Eclipse window

Select java → installed JREs

					<p>Select jre7.</p>
						<a href= Installed JRE

Then click on Ok.

Go to → Help → Install New Software.

Install New Software option

Click on Add button

Available softwares

When you click on Add button, dialog box appears, enter Location as


Edit Site

Select 2 options then next

Select license agreement then finish.

license agreement
Install process

Plugin installation might take some time, it will ask restart the eclipse click on ok…

After restarting eclipse, If you see Google App Engine icon, as shown below plugin, then plugin is installed successfully in your eclipse.

App Engine in Eclipse
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