Project Deployment into the cloud

Open Eclipse

Go to google app engine icon →click on option ‘Deploy to App Engine’

Deploy to App engine

You should go to‘App Engine project settings’

App Engine project settings

Write application id

Write application id

Note: In the above ‘Application ID’ text box, you need to fill it with already created Google App Engine’s ‘Application Identifier’ as shown in below figure.

Create an application

Then click on Ok button as shown in above figure in Eclipse.

Click on Deploy

Deplo the project

You can observe deployment related logging messages in eclipse console as shown below

Sampleproject Execution

Then open browser and type the address of project

Open the url

Then enter you will get output


Click on link ‘Sampleproject’, It displays output as shown below.

open the link

If you remember your Google App Engine’s appspot URL then you can run your project from anywhere through internet. The beauty is you don’t need to maintain the code, db or anything at your place

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