How to install j2me plug-in in eclipse

Pervious tutorial links:

J2ME Wireless Toolkit Installation

As other application we can develop j2me applications using eclipse. To design j2me application structure we need to install j2me plug-in in eclipse

Download “eclipseme.feature_1.7.9_site” from

Then go to eclipse -> help -> Install New Software.

eclipse install new software

Click ‘Add’

add new software

Write the name and select the location by clicking on Archive .

Browse location where eclipseme.feature_1.7.9_site is downloaded and select it as shown below.

add new software

Select ‘EclipseME’

Eclipse ME

Click Next

click on next

Click finish here

Accept license

Installing software

Accept licence finish

Click Restart Now to get complete software updates

Restarting eclipse

After restarting the eclipse press ‘ctrl+n’ and search for j2me, you will get following window, this will make sure that the j2me plug-in installed successfully in eclipse.

Select ME project

J2ME Reference links:- for j2me

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