Documentation Section

Make My Map to build map for particular area for ex: RFC. It is map for particular area. Where you can get very minute level map future enhancement to make street view and user life will be very simple to travel by using this application. End user can access this application same as other applications in their mobile. Network provider / GPS provider is must to use the application.

MMM plays multiple roles that it is useful for map creator and map user (end user).As a map creator user can mark multiple places with in the map for particular areas and generate the map. As a user (end user) use this app while travelling with in the particular area of generated map or as a Google maps.


What is Make My mApp?

MMM is an application that was released by Geek Labs for Android on September 27th 2013.


Why is Make My mApp?

This app can store locations which you havemarked and exist until you remove or delete the marker.


How use Make My mApp?

To test the application Choose/ Select/ Click the generated apk file which is created by your appname just.