Admin Documantation


Important things to remember

- End User cannot edit the locations which you have marked

- Check your network and GPS to improve your location status and loading map

- Click on Home button to run the application in background

- Long Click on Home button and choose the application to open the last closed activity/page

- Generate app and Download app will perform best in Wi-Fi and 3G network try to make it in those networks


Create an application

1.Open application “Make My mApp”. Click on Add New Icon (top right)

2.Application Details (App name, App Description)

3.on Save and Next which Creates the Application Successfully


- Can create and generate multiple applications

- Application name should be unique from the list of apps


Edit (Rename) or Delete an App

1. Long Tap on the application name in the list

2. To rename or edit an application details choose Edit option

3. Edit application details then click Save and Next to replace it with previous information

4. To Remove application click on Delete


- Application replaces with new info after renaming it

- Once the application is removed, It deletes permanently


Mark a Location

1. To mark user current location click on the Mark My Location in the list (To get list of actions drag from left corner or click on menu mobile or click on button @ bottom left)

Other way to mark multiple locations from existing place:

2. Long tap (@ exact location ) on map and click on marker icon in info window to locate the marker (or to mark a location)

3. Fill the location details (Location name, Location type and its Description)

4. Click Save Button to save and show the details of location on map


- Click on the application which opens the map along with user existing location

- Can Mark multiple locations

- Marker is located (@marked Location) with its related location type icon and location name on map

- If user not able to find the current position, then click on My Location button (top right on map)


Edit (Rename) or Delete the marked Location

1. To rename or change the Location details choose edit option in info window which appears on click on the marker

2. To delete the marked location click on marker and choose delete option in info window

3. To clear all the marked location from map choose clear all markers option in slide out which appears on menu clicks


- Click on marker to know the details of the location


Search place by location name

1. Click on search icon in Title bar (Action bar) top right

2. Search for location by entering the text/ location name in the search field

3. Can search all the marked locations on map

4. To know more info about the specific location. Select the location from drop down list


Search place by its Category

1. Click on Search by Type in slide out menu

2. Enter/Choose Location type or category

3. Select location from the list appear, which redirects to that location on map


Draw Boundary

1. Select draw boundary in slide out

2. Start drawing a boundary line for selected region, by tapping on the map

3. For undo or revert back the previous action click on undo option

4. Click Save Button to save the boundary

5. Click on Clear Button to remove the Boundary


Test Key

1. Choose test key only for reference or testing the app

2. Test key can use only once by each user

3. Can Generate app using test key but cannot publish in play store


Create new Key

1. Select create new key from drop down

2. Fill all the details in the form then click on Finish to create a key store and key successfully

3. Select newly created key from the list and use it, to generate an application


Generate/Create API Key

1. Enter the package name

2. Shows SHA-1 key along with given package name

3. Copy the key by long tap on SHA-1 key (Ex: 61:ED:37:7E:85:D3:86:A8:DF:EE:6B:86:4B:D8:5B:0B:FA:A5:AF:81;com.geeklabs.appname)

4. Follow the Instructions to generate API key

Add Instruction Link to generate API key here:

- After copying the SHA-1 key click on Instructions

- Then go through the instructions displayed and click on api console URL

Login to API console

- After login click on Google apis which is located at top left corner.

- Click on "Create project" then go to services page and enable or activateGoogle Maps Android API v2 service.

- Accept the terms and conditions license agreement.

To Create API key follow these steps

- Go to API Access then click on Create new Android key

- Paste SHA-1 key with package name which is copied then click on Create button

- It generates an API Key with 39 characters

- Copy the API key then paste it in API key field in application

- Go back to application

- To open application page long click on home button and choose the application or click on back button until the form/page displays to paste an API key.

- Then paste an API key and Click Generate app after copying a valid API key


Generate an app

1. To generate an app, user must login in to theirGmail account

2. Can generate an app using default key and also private key

3. Can Upload user own Icon (allow up to 1mb)

4. Click on Generate app button to generate the application

5. Generates application file and the file is stored in the SD Cards


- User can logout from their account by clicking on Sign-out option in the menu list


Download Generated Applications

1. Click on Download app button

2. To Download application user must login in to theirGmail account

3. Select the application from the list to download

4. File downloads and stored in the SD Card


- Download the application in case when user lost the mobile or when user lost the previous app files