How to use Make My mApp?

Information for Admin and User:

Mapping the Google map is the process of designing the Local area (or specific area) map, byimplementing /adding markers along with names which looks fantastic and completely differentfrom Google markers. Almost these markers were best suitable for its profession. Other than thisuser can able to get many more details of locations and also easily understandable. Can getdirections using Google maps.

Should able to get information about address and distance of locations, all over the world.Getting address is helpful to mark the location in exact place and also can able decide ourlocation to visit based on the distance.

Save a location where you are at present and which you are visited with more info about thelocation. . Don’t lose these important locations, save your location life.It is for our futurereference but can share with anyoneGenerating and delivering multiple maps on the Google play store and its product. Map can begenerated by giving details of your own organization name, validity period of your applicationBased on user given information will create unique key. For storing the key information create akey store with any name at the time of creating key. Using the key store name get keyinformation and create an API key from Google API console then generate the Application.Application was generated and will be store in your SD card with an extension of “.apk” .

Installing Generated apk file:

To test the application Choose/ Select/ Click the generated apk file which is created by your appname just follow the steps to install. Now it is installed in your device.

Download apk , install and test it multiple mobiles

Edit Application:

To edit or update the application select the application from the list in the GMM applicationthere you can update and generate the application

  • Can generate the application n number of times to test it but no need to generateapplication for each and every change. Application will save all your data for everyupdate, without generating an app.
  • To test the application in various devices or in same device it is must to generate a file User can only use the details of the locations which are given by admin but there is no way toperform an action on generated markers. User can update and delete which is created by them.

GMM is the application where a person plays an admin role can also become a member inGoogle play store that is by generating multiple maps using GMM application and placing themin play store. Just should have knowledge of (what is package name, SHA-1 key and Google mapsAPI Key, Google API Console which is also available in the rest of document).