User Documantation


Importent things to remember


- Cannot able to perform actions on generated marked locations

- Check your network and GPS to improve your location status and loading map


Mark a Location

1.To mark user current location click on the Mark My Location in the list (To get list of actions drag from left corner or click on menu mobile or click on button @ bottom left)

Other way to mark multiple locations from existing place:

2.Long tap (@ exact location ) on map and click on marker icon in info window to locate the marker (or to mark a location)

3. Fill the location details (Location name, Location type and its Description)

4. ClickSave Button to save and show the details of location on map


- Can Mark multiple locations

- Marker is located (@marked Location) with its related location type icon and location name on map

- If user not able to find the current position, then click onMy Location button (top right on map)


Edit (Rename) or Delete the marked Location

1. To rename or change the Location details choose edit option in info window which appears on click on the marker

2. To delete the marked location click on marker and choose delete option in info window


- Click on marker to know the details of the location

- Cannot perform edit or delete action on the generated markers


Get Directions to End location

1. Click on marker and choose Direction Icon in info window which shows direction from source location to the end location


- Shows directions from source to end location by redirecting to Google Maps application

- Open make my map app on Back button click


Search place by location name

1. Click on search icon in Title bar (Action bar) top right

2. Search for location by entering the text/ location name in the search field

3. Can search all the marked locations on map

4. To know more info about the specific location. Select the location from drop down list


Search place by its Category

1. Click on Search by Type in slide out menu

2. Enter/Choose Location type or category

3. Select location from the list appear, which redirects to that location on map