Our Applications


  • Working with Google Maps V2.
  • Can find User current location.
  • Map Rotation as Google map provides it.
  • Find details of location like address and distance on long click.
  • Get Details of the marked location.
  • Add Location details for indicating marker at that particular location .
  • Directions for different locations by supporting Google maps application.
  • Rename or delete the markers which are available in map/app.
  • It is flexible to add the location type category.
  • Can perform multiple list of actions on map and list of items in slide out home page of maps.
  • Trace your location based on locations which are marked on map or Can search by category.
  • Choose a location from Multiple places which arrives on map of same category .
  • Generate Maps for specific areas.
  • Build own maps with unique name.
  • Authentication for generating secured APK files.
  • Generate maps with own key Store.
  • List of apps and its actions.

Download the AppMMM Version 0.1