What is Make My mApp?

MMM is an application that was released by Geek Labs for Android on September 27th 2013. The GMM application has been featured on the Android operating system was powered byGoogle Maps with many customizations (like info window, marking). This application usedown mapping system on Google map with data provided by a well known user or admin.

MMM has many of the features that are in their Android map application, including turn-by-turnnavigation which you can get from MAPS application, Search for Location information Based onName and Based on Category. The application's user interface has been complete user friendly.

Once the application is created and generated you can use it as per your requirementThis application is most useful for the specific particular place or areaOnce save all the locations by marking various existing locations on the map with the markersLocation can be marked with all enough details like location name, a brief description aboutlocation and also you can able to mention its category for example: Airport, Company etc…Once you have marked the location you will get its related category type icon with location nameThis application can be used by users who travel or visit to new places.