ADT Plug-in in Eclipse

ADT Plug-in is used for Developing Android applications in Eclipse


  • Java JDK 1.7
  • Eclipse
  • Internet

Execute Eclipse (CTRL +R and then eclipse)

(You get this if the eclipse location is mentioned correctly in Environmental Variables Path)
Ex: E:\Softwares\eclipse Then open the work space

Follow the Steps:

Select Install New Software from the Help Panel

install new software
Here we can add our Plug-in and choose the necessary items for Technology
add repository to install

Click Add then Name it as the ADT Plug-in and
Location as

adding repository

It Adds the URL then it displays the latest version of available software’s, plug-ins, and tools
Select the necessary software’s to install (Here Select Development Tools)

Available software

Available software Installation progress

Click Next to Install the Android Supported Files

click next

Accept the License Agreement and Click Finish for start Installing Software’s

Accept the License Agreement

Installing Software’s of Development Tools underAndroid ADT Plug-in

Installing software progress

While Installing the Software’s if there is no authenticity we may get Security Warning
Do nothing just click OK to Continue with the installation Process

click ok

Software has been successfully initiated

Then Restart Eclipse for that Select Restart Now , To get Proper Updates


Select Preference under Window Panel to add preferences of an Android and SDK Location

Preference option

Select Android which is located at Left Side of the window to add location, By default SDK Manager Choose the Location of an SDKManager.exe

Go for Browse option if the SDKManager.exe file is saved somewhere in the system
Then Click Apply to load the changes and Click OK

After Android SDK Set up we installed different versions like Android 2.3.3, Android 4.2, Google APIs, and other packages those details can be verified here

android SDK location details verified

Warning: If the Versions and packages were not correct then try to give the SDK Location correctly even though the Same Problem arises then SDK Manager was not installed properly.

So Better try again for proper installation process

android Error(try to proper instalation)

Android Plug-in was added on Eclipse Successfully

To Check Open File Select New or CTRL + N to open

Then Select Android Sample Project Click Next

selecting android sample project

Choose the version or package

selecting build_target

Select The Sample Project from the List, click Finish

(Jet Boy Sample Project is choose)

select which sample to create

To run the Application select required project and right click and then select Run as Android Application

runas andrd Application

Starts Jet Boy Application on Emulator

Emulator home
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