Sample Application Development On Creating Text Field And Submit Button

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Open Eclipse, Press Ctrl+N. In selected wizard select/type Android Application project then click on Next button like.

selecting andriod application option to create

It will open one window i.e., New Android Application. In that you have to write Application Name. Whenever you write application name eclipse will give project name and package name automatically.

new andriod application details

Shown below

To show a example of project creation

Whenever Click on Next button → it will configure the project

To show a next button

By using this window we can change/modify the foreground and background colour of the mobile. If u want to change the image and Background colour you have to browse the image and for background colour click on that like.
setting for configure launching icon for andriodapp

Here in this window you have to select any screen shows below.

Then click on Next button.
Activity creation for andriodapp

Whenever click on Next button it will display activity window i.e., your selected activity eclipse will give Activity name directly then click on Finish button

creating new blank activity for andriod app

Then Click on Finish then You will get First App in Package Explorer
To display app package explorer

Where Project has created successfully

After that you select Activity_main.xml file (in this file only we have to write the code)

To display an activity.xml file

After that you have to select Project Name i.e., FirstApp right click then Run Android Application like

to run theandriodapp

You will get mobile screen like this.


When you are unlock the mobile screen it will display the output like this.

file execution shows where to write message

In this program we are creating text field and button only.

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