Java Hello world program using Eclipse

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Eclipse Installation

Open Eclipse now Creating a Project by using short cut keys(Ctrl+N) open a New window in that search box type the Project select the Java Project then click on the Next button And give the Project name as ‘simple’

Creating a simple java Project

Now open a Created simple project in that click on the src. After press Short cut key (Ctrl+n)

Open a new window in search box type the package and select the option package then click on the Next button

package creation

Package name is as for example com.gk then click on the Finish

package name

Click on the src folder then again press Ctrl+n opening a window in that type the class then select the options in java after class

selection of class

Type the class name as ‘HelloWorld’ same as shown below

program name

After that by default it generates with package Name and class Name shown below

with package Name and class Name

In this program write here simply taken print the Hello World. .

To run this program as shown in below. Right click on the program in that goto Run As option

Click on the Java Application option.

to run the program click on the Java Application option

The program is run output is shown in below Console :Hello World

output in console
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