Tomcat Installation

Step 1:

To download the Tomcat setup from internet you can refer this link .
After that go to tomcat setup and click on setup.

Tomcat Application

Whenever you runs this setup, the ‘Apache Tomcat Setup’ will open like shown below. Click on the Next

Apache Tomcat Setup

After that one new window is generated with the License Agreement in that Click on the 'I Agree’ button.

Apache License

After that ‘Apache Tomcat Setup Components’ window will be open in that select the check boxes components . Then click on the Next

Choose components

Select the ‘Apache Tomcat Setup’ installation in local system Location which is select from ‘Destination Folder’ Click on the Browser . Then select ‘Destination Folder’ and click on the Next

Tomcat Installin Location

Here the tomcat configurations are displayed. If you want to make changes anything in that change and remember the Port no & (User Name, Password)->optional. Then Click on the Next

Tomcat Configuration Options

In this window tomcat JVM path is selected.It’s comes default, otherwise to browse and set the JVM path.

Then click the install button

Java virtual machine path

Installation process will be going on

Tomcat installation process

Click the Finish button. Now installation is completed.

Compleating tomcat setup

To set the tomcat path in local System.

Go to my computer, right click and select the properties option.

System properties option

After that open System Properties in that go and Click on the ‘Advanced’ option.

System properties window

After that Click on ‘Environment Variable’ option, in that one New window will be generated in that goto the ‘System Variable’ Click on the NEW button one new window will be open, in this fill the fields ‘path & Tomcat path’(current installation directory of Tomcat upto bin folder). Finally Click on ok button.

Edit System variables

Goto current installation directory in tomcat up to bin in that have Server.

Server can start with 2 ways they are…

1.Direct way(direct start the server).

Tomcat service runner

After then it will open Server started some milli sec.

Tomcat server startup showing in cmdprompt

Tomcat successfully installed. You can get this in comand pormt.

2. Another way to running the tomcat server. Following way. Open command promt, give the current installation tomcat directory, Up to bin folder after that type the ‘tomcat6.exe’ cmd then Enter

2nd way Server startup using cmdprompt

The tomcat server is started running process as shown below.

It can start some milleseconds.

server startup in cmdprompt

Now Click on the windows start button. In that open the browser.

open the browser

Type the locahost on addressbar (Localhost:8080)

Tomcat home

Open the above window in that have the Tomcat Manager option. Click on the Tomcat Manager. Open the Authentication window enter the User Name and Password(same as given while installation, User Name & Password). Then click on the OK


The Tomcat Web Application Manager window will be open as shown below

Tomcat Web Application Manager
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