How to check out the problems by selection in Eclipse:

Open Eclipse create new project, for Example program refer this link: Java Hello World program using Eclipse

In my case here creating a ‘simple project’as shown below

It shows sample errors in eclipse

In this simple project here we are having some problems, so that it will shows red icon on project, and run the project or program could not be run because of existing errors , to solve that problems it can be run or work, By this time in Eclipsewe have the additional option is there (i.e.) problems rectifying(identifying). Goto Eclipse in that click on the Window option and click on the Show View after that Click on the Problems button.Which is Shown like below..

To get the problems tab in eclipse

It will shows the problems whatever are there in project

In problems tab we will see errors of selected project

In the above figure it shows the current project is simple, it has the 3 error's but in problems it shows the 5Error’s.

Why because the problems are considering the entire all projects problems that’s why it shows the 5Erros.

In this case it is unable to identify the errors on current run program. To identify the problems on current running project Go to Problems tag in that Click on down-arrow symbol, Click on the Show option then select the Errors/warnings on Select option. Now select current running project it means which program to run. Shown below

Error/warning selecting on project

Now the problems are decreased compare to perviuos Errors (problems) why because selected the current running program. The Errors are shows only for selected project.

Showing Errors on selected project

In above it shows only for the current running program it having the 3Errors now it is easy to identify which type of errors on particular running program.

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