MySql Server Installation

Download the MySQL Server for this link:

Install MySql server properly…..
mysql server setup

Start the Mysql setup open a new window in that Click on the Next button

mysql setup wizard

Select the check box(Accept It). Then Click on the Next button

Mysql License

Open a new window in that window having the Setup type select the 'Complete' Setup option button then click on the Next button

Mysql setup type

Click on the Install button.

Ready to install mysql

The installation processing going on

Process of Installation

Now Click o the Next button.

Mysql Enterprise

Click on the Finish button with Select the ‘check box option’ then Finish it.

Launching configuration

The MySQL Server Configuration Wizard installation process is open click on theNext

Configure wizard

In this below window select the radio button is ‘Detailed Configuration option’ Then click on the Next

 select instance configuration

Here choose the installation directory. Then click on the Next button.

installation path

Here the MySQL Server Run on port Number to give the port Number in field. The port Number comes default.(ex:3306) then click on the Next

Mysql Port Number

Select the Install as Windows Services’Install as Windows Services’ click on the Next

Services of Mysql

Here give the root password as ‘root'; and confirm Password also ‘root’ Click on the Next

Mysql security settings

Click on the Execute button. Now MySQL Server Instance Configuration is processing on it takes some time to Config

Ready to Execute

Processing going on

Mysql Processing configuration

All Configurations are successfully configured. Click on the Finish .

compleated process of mysql

Then finish-> successfully installed MySql, in your system.

Goto start button and open Mysql cmd promtMysql cmd promt , shown below

Mysql programs

Open mysql cmd prompt.. and enter paswd(i.e: root).

Running mysql server from cmd prompt

If you get any welcome msg, it will successfully installed…in your system.

Mydql running process from cmdprompt

Download the Sql yog from net. After that install the Database Sql Yog then open the sql yog. Click on the shown place.


Then it will connect with the database.

This is the DataBase window.

Sqlyog home

Here we can easy to create the database name and easy to build the tables also. Comparing to the command promt. it’s very easy to maintaining the DataBase Whereas by using the Cmd promt here maintaining the Database critical. Query process Execution also critical.

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