Web application debugging in Eclipse

Pervious relative links: Eclipse simple program Debugging.

To create a simple project, in that debug point out in sever side program (tomcat)like shown below

debug point

The above example figure shows the debugging point, now Right click on the project and choose the Debug As option then click on the Debug on Server like shown below

Debug on Server

Whenever you click on Debug on Server, control will be goes to run the project Gives the fields, then enter the Submit button

login page

Whenever click on the Submit button the control will be goes to where we can pointing the ‘Debugging point’ before that it will start the debug on server like shown below

Click on the Yes button.


After that the controller will be goes to Debug pointer like shown below

debug pointer line

In above the figure Debug pointer is break the Execution control flow where can put the ‘Debugging point’ here the debugging pointer checks the username & password,whether the given fields are validate or not it’s checks.

For this if move to debug next statements press the keys F6 and F7.

This is the way of Tomcat (web application) debugging in Eclipse.

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