Ant Command/Clearcase Update View

Updating Clear case Snapshot view:

Generally you will update your snapshot view from clearcase. You can also do this by executing following ant script.

‘ccupdate’ command is used to update snapshot view.


[<ccupdateviewpath="${AppsrvPath}" graphical="false" log="${CreateAppsrvZipInTo}/log_${DSTAMP}_${TSTAMP}.log" overwrite="true" currenttime="true" rename="false"/>]

In above example

  1. Attribute ‘viewpath’ describes path of the snapshot view which you would like to update.
  2. Attribute ‘graphical’ describes updating of view should done in console or graphical mode.
  3. Attribute ‘log’ describes log file location and name.
  4. ${CreateAppsrvZipInTo} will hold the location for log file.
  5. ${AppsrvPath} will hold path of your snapshot view.

Example: D:/Tomcat 5.0/webapps/yourAppname

When you run above example value of an ${AppsrvPath} will be updated with latest code base.

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