Maven installation and path setting

Step1: Download “maven 2.2.1(binary version)” from

Step2: Unzip the zip file into the specific folder (i.e. installation directory).

Checking installation:

→Open command prompt →type mvn enter→ you will get error msg(not recognized internal or external cmd) if maven already not configured. If you get this message, you need to configure maven.


Step1: After completing the installation, create environment variable with variable name "M2_HOME" and its value should point to installation directory i.e. in my case (D:\softwares\apache-maven-2.2.1).

 path setting for mavenin user variables

Step2: Add maven bin directory to path

 maven bin dir path in system variables

Step3:Then check installation is proper or not …
→ important thing to remember is to close and open command prompt to take effect of configuration settings →type mvn enter →it will give some build processing list….
Then maven properly installed on your system.

then check the cmd prompt by restarting the cmd pmt
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