Spring Introuduction

    As a user I searched some links to know about the Spring and Spring concepts. In my openioun i got an idea but not fully indetailed so I think i need to crette a full indetailed doc on Spring Introduction and Spring MVC.Mainly here we need to focus on those things Why, What, How.

What Is Spring:

  • Spring is nothing but is a one of the frame work which used to create Java applications in easy way. It play’s an important role in JEE. Present Spring is a hot topic in Java world to develop an app’s easy and speedly.
  • Spring is Introduced by RodJohnson. Is released under version 2.0 of the Apache License Spring is is simply one stop it can Integrate with different frameworks such as Struts, Hibernate, Ejb, etc... Spring have different modules(Core,Data,Web etc..) to perform the operations. We will see about those modules in next session.
Spring framewrok modules

Why Spring:

    By the spring we have lot of advantages these advantages will be considered to say why spring is hot topic in Jee. Some thing are listed below.
    Because of pojo’s(Plain Old Java Objects) Spring is Lightweight. Due to pojo’s here no need to extends(inherit) class and impliments an interface.due to this developer life is simple i.e; time is saved
Easy way to develop Apps:
    By the Spring framework it is Easy to develop apps By calling Dependency Injection(DI).
    We can test the Spring apps easily due to Dependency Injection(DI).
Loosly coupled:
    Spring Apps are loosly coupled because using of Dependency Injection(DI)
Powerful Abstraction:
    Spring frame work provides the abstraction to Jee apps(applications) such as JDBC,JTA,JMS etc....
Declaration support:
    have declarationsupport for validating,transactions and for fromats.
How to use Spring:
    Here no need to download any setup to use Spring. Just we need to download the Spring supported jars and attach to the project Build path that’s it. We can use spring supported things. We can see more examples Through Spring Concepts one by one.
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