Java Installation & path setting

    Before you install java you need to download jdk. And start the installation process as fallows.
    From where you can download jdk:
    Fallow this link and download jdk.
  • If you go through above link you will see jdk versions which version you want, you can click on that and download jdk.
  • After downloaded jdk you can double click on setup file.
  • It will installed by default in path: C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0\ in your local system.
If you want to use java, in your local system, you should set java path in your local system, please fallow the steps below.

      Setting java path in your system:

      • Procedure for path setting in your system.
        Right click on My Computer go to properties:
      Goto my computer properties
        Goto advanced system setting for setting the java path
      Advaced System settings
        In advanced settings you can click on environment variables button
      Advaced System settings
        Now you can click on new button in system variables
      Select New
        Enter variable name (Java_Home) and variable value (java installed path).
      New System Variables
        After enter name and value click on ok button.
      Enter variables and click ok
      • You will see your Java_Home in your system variables
      • click on ok button to complete path setting.
      Java_Home created
        You want know whether the jdk installed or not, in your system then go to your command prompt and type java.
      command prompt
        Congratulation your installation completed successfully … 
        If java exist in your system then it will show like below
      check for java
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